The Journey of Wisdom and Fraternity-584 - 21-NOUTATI - Editura AIUS
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Tezaur - Carte veche străină în județul Dolj (sec. XVI-XVIII)The Past in Craiova of Today
The Journey of   Wisdom  and  Fraternity
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The Journey of Wisdom and Fraternity

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Mihai Mehedințu

ISBN: 978-606-092-139-4
An de apariţie: 2023
Format: A5
Nr. de pagini: 140
Prezentare:      Mihai Mehedințu is a seeker of forms of evolution both in the physical world and in the spiritual world.
     With a vast experience in the world of mysteries and a passion for the search for wisdom and spiritual evolution, he presents a unified image in the exploration of esoteric and traditional knowledge.
     Mihai had the opportunity to study and understand certain teachings and practices necessary for his evolution. His intuition inspired him to devote himself to personal and spiritual development, and now he shares this experience with readers through this book.
     With a balanced approach between the physical world and the dimension of symbols, the author brings a new perspective on how spiritual evolution follows knowledge through an integrated spiral, in everyday life. From his own experiences, Mihai offers readers a broad vision of how this journey brings balance and peace into a hectic modern world. This book, written by an author with a deep passion for subject and with a rich experience both in initiatory journeys from the physical plane as well as in those journeys of self-knowledge, he promises, to be a conceptual sphere, for those interested in exploring this dimension of wisdom and fraternity in the contemporary world. Strong faith in God and self-confidence became the essential pillars of his life philosophy. He believes that these two elements can guide each of us through life's challenges and can give us confidence and light in difficult moments. The purpose of this book is to motivate and inspire people in their inner search and spiritual evolution. Mihai hopes that through this one book, he will give readers a boost and a challenge in their own journey to the discovery of the higher self.
     The choices we make are essential, they not only influence the physical present, but have a major impact on our evolution and on the way we relate to the light of eternity.



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